Fundraiser Events

List of Fundraiser Events for the Bailey R. Moore Foundation:

  • First Friday Ice Sculpture in February of 2012 – The image of Bailey was carved outside of Mad Anthony’s.  A few of her friends were willing to attend and spread the word of the foundation and raise funds.
  • Idol Night 2011 – The Firework’s video from her memorial was viewed by all as they entered.  Orders for the fireworks shirts were taken.
  • Light the Night Walk 2011 – Sally Bailey and crew planned this with Bailey while she was still with us.  This team continued on in her memory.
  • Spring of 2011 – Sister Taylor and friend Clair set up a table at Giverney as a way to promote the Bailey R. Moore Foundation
  • Nate Winslow Iron Man Fundraiser Benefit

We hope to expand on these with other ideas and ways to perpetuate the fund and keep it growing.  Your ideas and participation is the key to her dream of pay it forward and help others accomplish their goals and dreams!